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Co-Founder & Co-Host (Bay Area, California)

Steve was born in Turlock, California, of Assyrian parents. Steve started the Assyrian podcast as an effort to inspire and encourage Assyrians and all ethnic minorities around the world. Steve is interested in helping people share their story and the greatness they carry. When Steve isn’t podcasting, he loves educational technology, chess, the New Orleans Saints, and spiral dynamics. Follow him @snetniss on Twitter or @doubleonetniss on Instagram.



Co-Founder & Co-Host (Canada)

In San Jose, California, born and raised, on the playground is where Adessa spent most of her days. Joining the Assyrian Podcast as the co-founder has been one of her favorite Assyrian initiatives to get involved with! Helping share people’s stories, she believes, makes us better and closer as a diasporic people. She currently resides in Hamilton, Canada. When Adessa isn’t podcasting, she loves to be around music, dance, travel, and do anything cultural; particularly Assyrian. You can follow Adessa on Instagram @adessak.



Co-Host (Michigan)

Roda was born in Tehran, Iran and immigrated to California when she was set to begin high school. After finishing her studies in Turlock and spending 7 glorious years in San Francisco, she moved to the metro-Detroit area in 2017 when she married her husband, Tony. Her love for people and their stories stems from her love for books, which she developed as a young child, thanks to a family that revered books and read regularly. This same love for stories led her to join the Assyrian Podcast team. She views life as one big adventure and loves cooking, reading, traveling, and photographing things, places, and people. You can follow Roda on Instagram @rodadankha



Co-Host (Illinois) 

John was born in, and currently resides in Chicago, IL. Having worked on-air for three Chicago area radio stations, contributing to the Assyrian Podcast came as a natural fit. John’s desire is to always give Assyrians a platform to tell their stories, and teach people about what Assyrians have accomplished. Unlike most long-time Chicago traditions such as loan-sharking, extortion, fraud, and day-drinking, John spends his time reading a good book, playing arm-chair quarterback for his favorite sports teams, and planning his next trip. You can follow John and see pictures of mostly food @johnjenzeh


Co-Host (Australia)

Sintiya was born in Sivas, Turkey where her parents had made a ‘pit stop’ after leaving Iran during the late 80’s. After receiving a visa to go to either the USA or Australia, Sintiya’s parents made the tough decision to move to Melbourne, Australia where some of her family already resided. Sintiya grew up in a small but close knit Assyrian community, taking part in Assyrian classes, dancing and other cultural activities. Now that she’s a little bit older, she wants to ensure younger generations of Assyrians in Australia and beyond have access to influential role models at the click of a button. Outside of the Assyrian Podcast, Sintiya works in media, communications and advocacy. Follow Sintiya on Instagram @sints_



Co-Host (Arizona)

Ninorta was born in Baghdad, Iraq and immigrated to Chicago with her family where she spent her spare time volunteering in the Assyrian Church of the East committees and youth groups. Her work background is in hospitality management, organizational behavior, and leadership. In April of 2018, Ninorta went on the Gishru trip to the homeland and was struck with a realization which made her decide to move from Chicago to Phoenix to be closer to her family and get even more involved in the Assyrian community, hence joining the Assyrian Podcast. Follow her @ninortak116 on Instagram.



Co-Host (Germany) 

Robina was born in Mosul, Iraq and immigrated with her family to Germany at a very young age. She grew up in a city far from a big assyrian community and therefore started engaging in the Assyrian community late. After spending a couple of months in Australia, she realized how beautiful her Assyrian heritage is and how important it is to preserve it. “You went to Australia as a German and came back as an Assyrian” is how her mother puts her transformation. Robina works for several Assyrian organizations and associations. Next to studying Educational Sciences, she loves to read, travel and meet new people. She became part of the Assyrian Podcast because she wants to tell the stories of the amazing Assyrian people living in Germany and connect them with other diasporal countries and the homeland. You can follow Robina on instagram @anotherlajin.


Co-Host (California)

Peter was born in Modesto, California to Assyrian parents, and delivered by an Assyrian doctor. His work background is in local government, grantmaking and urban planning. In spring 2018, Peter went on the Gishru homeland trip and life has never been the same. He hopes and works to preserve the Assyrian language, culture and identity. In his spare time, Peter sings and volunteers for Assyrian charitable causes. Follow him @peteribrahim on Instagram. 


Co-Host (Germany)

Jessy was born in Frankfurt, Germany. Her family’s roots are from Tur Abdin/Turkey and Syria. Growing up in a community that didn’t really care about preserving culture or empowering the youth, she had to figure out most of her identity through the internet. Through her job as a Media Designer she built connections with many different movements and organizations in our nation, which has been important to making her an open-minded person. In her free time, she loves to travel to our ancestral countries or Assyrian communities in the diaspora. Jessy also loves to get lost in completely different cultures in foreign countries like India, because she believes that awareness of others and taking a break from your own people is healthy. You can follow her travel photography and stories on Instagram: @jessybethzabday



Social Media Guru

Steven was born in Frechen, Germany and moved to Turlock, California as a toddler. His parents grew him up in church and always would have him involved within the Assyrian community. He joined the Assyrian Podcast team to help reach our amazing stories to as many Assyrians as possible through social media marketing. When Steven isn’t working on the podcast, he loves photography, the Chicago Bears, and coffee. You can follow him on Twitter @itsmestevenl or on Instagram @slelham.



Marketing Guru

Tania was born in Urmi, Iran and immigrated to California as a young child. Having two very omtanayeh parents, every weekend growing up was filled with Assyrian activities – Assyrian language class, Assyrian dance class, Assyrian church mass, various lectures at Shotapoota, and so on. Beside our beautiful culture, Tania has always been interested in the behavioral sciences (psychology and sociology). People watching with a cup of sweet black tea is one of her favorite past times – even better if she is in a foreign country. Tania loves to travel, read, go on hikes, and relax in the sun. Follow her @taniamia on Instagram.